Search Function Stuck on Andromeda

So whenever I try to go to a new object using the target tab it will go instead go to andromeda and stay there no matter what target I put in. I tried clearing the cache and restarting my browser and nothing. Any suggestions?

Hi @drgdawg3,

I’m not sure I understand the problem you are having.

Did you go to Target > Deep Sky and no matter what you enter in the search parameters you are getting just Andromeda?

Or are you clicking on different targets and all of them point to Andromeda?

Screenshots could help pinpoint this issue.

What browser are you using? And please let me know which Telescopius version you are running. It’s displayed in the far bottom right of all pages in grey.

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Hi Sebagr,

I apologize for not being clear, yes no matter what I enter in the target search bar it goes to Andromeda. I am using version 20230428.0046 and I’m on Chrome. Hope this clears things up.


I’m also having this issue and can confirm that it is still happening just like OP mentioned.

I wanted to add a little update. I have tried on three different browsers: Chrome, Edge, and Safari. The result is always the same; when typing in an object into the search bar and pressing enter, the coordinates shown are correct, but Andromeda is always displayed. Telescopius version 20230428.1912

Thank you.

This bug has been fixed a few hours ago. If you are still seeing this, please clear your browser cache for and try again. It should work fine now in versions 20230429.2329 and above :slight_smile:

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