Searching of objects by different names


I’m having a problem finding my images (that I previously uploaded) by object name. For example, the planetary nebula Abell 84 stored here: Astrophotography by Mojmir Ganoczy

I can’t find it if I type “Abell 84” in the search box.

Many objects have multiple names (according to different catalogues). If I upload only one of the names, the object cannot be found by the other names of the same object.
I think this worked in previous versions.

Hi, welcome to the forum!

I’ve just searched for Abell 84 and your picture was first:

However, searching for PN A66 84 wasn’t giving any results. I found 2 different issues regarding this - one when objects were added manually, and other for small objects (precisely like PNs).

Now searching for PN A66 84 works too, but I still need to reindex all images. So far, only your picture appears there. All remaining images will be fixed in the coming days.

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your solution and for your Telescopius in especially. It is a great application.

Finding Abell 84 now works for me too, even in Edge, where almost nothing worked before. (I normally use Chrome.)

However, if the object in the image adds the plate solving system to the list, the search often doesn’t find this photo. As an extreme example, I’d give the wide-angle galaxy cluster in Virgo:

I’ve only put in the names of a few galaxies myself. Plate solving system added dozens of others that are in the photo. If I do a search for one of them, Telescopius usually doesn’t find this photo.

It would be great to add a checkbox to the search box to check “my photos” or “my photos first”. I’ve been taking photos for a couple of years now and despite the crappy weather in central Europe, I have several hundred photos. Sometimes I search to see if I have photographed a particular subject myself.

For now, I’m solving this through “Gallery” with the focal length filter for focal lenght I usually use. This way I can find my photos along with a few others quite easily, but a box to check “my photos” would be nice.

Thank you for taking the time to do this, it really is a great app.

Thank you

Mojmir Ganoczy

When you search for pictures of specific objects, the pictures you’ll get are those in which that object has at least 5% of the total image size. The reason why you can’t find the photos for those dozens of objects added automatically is because they are very small in the picture.

This limitation exists because in many cases (especially wide field pictures like the Milky Way center) can contain thousands of objects in them but very small and are really no good if what you are looking for is a specific object.

In the example you give, you’ll find your picture when searching for Markarian Chain (but not the smaller galaxies) as you can see here:

Being able to limit the search to pictures of yours makes sense. I’ll add this to the backlog and see if I can do it soon. Thank you for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi, Sebastian,

thank you for explaining. That makes sense and I think it’s correct.
I just didn’t know there was such a size limitation.
Have a nice day and may your work and life continue to be successful.

Sincerely, Mojmir Ganoczy

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