Settings for Mosaic using Telescopius and ASIAIR +

I am trying out the ASIAIR Plus for Mosaic - and Telescopius has a nice section for this - only thing that is unclear to me is the reported Angle (in my case 79.36 degrees) vs the Position Angle (which I have selected as 280 degrees (equivalent to -80 degrees).

It is unclear to me and I have not seen this covered anywhere the difference between +80 degrees and -80 degrees. 360/0 -80 would give me the 280 mentioned before and 360/0 +80 would be 80 degrees. So I have 2 options to try out - but I made the mistake last night of putting 80 degrees in and have a collection of 4 panels with large gaps between them. (equivalent to -280).

I searched and I have not seen anyone with an “Angle” from ASIAIR Plate Solve being addressed. This correction is overlooked often.

Thanks for your help/advice in advance.