Smartphones and telescope

Got my first telescope last year (Orion 130mm) and did some fairly serviceable pictures. But the phone adapter was cheap and the eyepieces were stock with a narrow FOV. This year I have a really decent adapter and much better eyepieces (Meade 32mm and a Celestron 9mm). But although my views of the planets are sharp and awesome, the pictures are blurry. Jupiter looks like a dust mote with stripes. This is my adapter:

Any tips on distancing according to eye relief, or anything else. Thanks

I had a NexYZ but sold it after frustrating nights with it. Other than the moon I couldn’t see much. It is tricky to get the phone lined up in the dark. I found it was too frustrating and ruined my nights outside so I gave up. I see people frequently sharing iPhone photos so it can be done but didn’t work for me. I think the NexYZ is about as good as it gets for shooting with an iPhone. Best luck, if you stick with it I’m sure you’ll find a way to get results with it. Just not for me.