Stellarium and FOV rotation

When I use the telescope simulator in the Android app, there is a button for “See in Stellarium”. Does this work only for the desktop or will it work for Android as well?

Also, is there a way to rotate the field of view?



Hi Dale, welcome to the forum!

The “See in Stellarium” button works on all devices. This works by sending a request to Stellarium, which should have the Remote Control plugin enabled. So as long as your Android device is in the same network as the computer running Stellarium (and there is no firewall / proper firewall rules are in place), it should work just fine!

Regarding the FOV rotation, you can do this at the bottom of the Camera section of the Telescope Simulator - set to 17 degrees in the following screenshot:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I guess I never paid attention to that setting in the camera section!

So Stellarium must be running on a PC. The Android version will not accomplish this?


Controlling Stellarium on the desktop version is achieved via the Remote Control plugin. I’m not very familiar with the Android version, but as far as I can tell there are no plugins for it :frowning:

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