Suggestion: moon % information on picture pages


It would be good to add information about the state of moon (% or phasis, angular distance from target…) during shooting in this pannel:


Either by asking them when adding the picture, either by retrieving them from date/location/plate-solving - I guess it’s not so difficult to get such information?


Thanks for the suggestion, Luca! This feature is already on the roadmap, hopefully I should be able to do it soon :slight_smile:

This is live now in the latest version :slight_smile:

Cool! Is there a change log published anywhere so we can see (and play with) the new features?

Nevermind! I found it. What's in the Sky Tonight?. Doh!

Hmm… after typing out the link, the window title is “What’s in the Sky Tonight”, instead of “Changelog”. New bug found :slight_smile: