Suggestions: Include control devices in user profile gear list and user astropics sort order

I see that “accessories” list in user gear list is only intended for optical accessories but what about electronic accessories like AsiAir, Astroberry, Pegasus powebox or simply “laptop” for laptop driven setups? Maybe adding a new section or extending the accessories tab to any kind of accessory?

Additionally, how are user astropictures in user profile sorted? It doesn’t look like file datetime or adddition in telescopius datetime. The resulting list looks weird. Sometimes order matters :slight_smile: , like chronological order, to depic the learning curve of the user.

Basically, that’s my two suggestions. Two cents to a HUGE and GREAT project. Keep up the good work, people!

Many thanks!

I second the idea to add the ability to sort the pictures. At the moment when you add a revision to one of your old image it moves it in first place in your astropictures which is not what I would like. In my opinion, the date of the image should be the default sorting option.