Target Filter for Az Alt custom Observational Setting

Hey Sebagr, I finally got around to setting up the custom Az Alt Observation Setting for my 2 home site locations; it was very cool, if not depressing :slight_smile: . It would be neat if Telescopius could have a selection in the Target search filtering that would only show “targets” that used the search params AND the Az Alt observation map. Just an idea! Thanks for the product, it’s great!!

I’m glad you made it work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion. Indeed, that was actually what I had in mind in the first place - besides drawing the horizon over the altitude map, actually filtering targets out when running searches. But running that filter through dozens of thousands of objects takes a while because it’s not as “easy” as executing an equation and checking the result. I still need to find a way of running this efficiently before making it available as a new search filter.

But it’s definitely on my backlog, I would love to see this feature implemented ASAP too :slight_smile:

Trust me, I get the difficulty… 1000 people search 20000 objects a couple of times a day … ouch. When I am not doing this, I work job in big data, so I get it. Love this app!!

Actually, searches now run on your device entirely! That’s why you can use Telescopius even when you are offline :slight_smile:

But with the extended database, the search as it is now was taking between 0.7s and 1.5s to run on fast devices - that’s with the extended database, with 74,000+ targets. This time has been reduced lately though, at least on Chrome, which introduced some improvements to webworkers.

Adding this feature would significantly increase search times. But I guess it would be a matter of showing a warning if you select this option, and also display a better progress indicator. I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

Sounds good! If you want a tester, let me know. :slight_smile:

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