Telescope-simulator field of view

I’m using a micro 4/3 camera (Panasonic Lumix G9) with a 100mm lens.
When I use the telescope simulator I’ve set the sensor size to 17x13mm and the telescope focal length to 100mm. The field of view that is shown in the simulator shows the object (M42) as significantly larger than what I’m seeing in real life. Have I missed a setting??
I’d estimate that M42 takes up around 1% of the FOV in the simulator with these settings but approx 0.01% of the FOV in real life.

Hi Nick, welcome to the forum!

I’ve just set a 100mm lens with a 17x13 sensor and this is what I get:

Is this similar to what you get? If not, could you please share a screenshot of your telescope and camera settings in the Telescope Simulator?

Make sure the barlow/reducer field in the Telescope settings is disabled or set to 1, that could change the FOV quite a bit.