Telescopius showing different framing than Stellarium


Not sure if it’s just illusion because of different object rotation, but it seems like Telescopius is showing my framing more zoomed in?

All screenshots here:


I’ve read that it’s an epoch time problem. J2020 vs j2000.

Hi @Its_Cloudy_Again, welcome to the forum!

Yes, it’s probably due to the different rotation. I’m not sure what 0 degrees mean in Stellarium in that case, because that’s clearly not North up. Maybe you could try rotating one of the two to see if the framing matches? I’m quite positive they will :slight_smile:

I don’t know what 0 degrees in Stellarium means as well, but apparently it has the same meaning as 0 degrees in PlateSolve2, because I get expected frame when I use the same rotation in these two programs. I can’t say the same thing about telescopius unfortunately… Is there any solution for this problem? I wish I could use these nice mosaic features of telescopius but they are useless for me if I can’t get reliable rotation info.

Position angle (rotation) in Telescopius is always East of North. Are you in the South hemisphere? If so, Stellarium may be showing 0 degrees when your framing is aligned to the South - which is equivalent to 180 degrees in Telescopius.

I’m on the northern hemisphere. 0 degrees rotation is exactly the same both in stellarium and telescopius but all the other rotations are not. It’s also not about 180 degrees difference.

Is it feasible for websites like Stellarium, Cartes du Ciel, Telescopius, etc to imprint a compass on each image, so relatively new people like me can get a better handle on up, down, and sideways directions?