Telescopius wont load for me

Hi Sebagr,

I am trying telescopius for the first time and am having the same problems as Jeddymo51. I am running windows 10 64 bit, and when I visit the site under a normal google window, the page starts to load but then I just get the spinning disc - it never finishes. I tried incognito mode and it would not load at all-it returned this message: This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond.

I tried using my edge browser and got the same message. Speedofme test shows download speed at 52.05 mbps, upload speed of of 14.51mbps and a latency of 42ms. Every other website I’ve tried loads and runs fine, Any ideas?

Hi Patrick, welcome to the forum!

In the past 24 hours Telescopius started experiencing a problem, it will suddenly stop serving new requests. I’ve just applied a workaround to make it work again but it may be unstable today.

I’m working on identifying the cause, hopefully I’ll be able to fix this later today. Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Update: I’ve found some webserver processes were frozen, preventing new connections. I’ve increased the number of allowed server processes, and added an automatic webserver restart if this happens again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Fantastic! thanks for getting it resolved so quickly!

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