Time display for sunrise/sunset seem to be incorrect

I believe that there is an issue with the display shown in the picture below:

Time Bug

If the times shown for the graph and the events in the yellow circle are supposed to represent those at my observing location, they don’t seem to make sense. Am I missing something? Are they time-from-current time? I checked and my PC is set correctly to GMT-7 and times everywhere but this display seem to be correct.

Thank you for helping me understand this.

Follow-up: When running the app in the iOS browser on my iPhone 11, this section displays correctly. The display in my first post was on my PC using the Edge browser in Windows 10.

Hi Walt, welcome to the forum!

So far I’ve identified that issue to be related to the timezone setting. However, I’m still missing steps to reproduce it so it’s proving very difficult to fix!

Most of the time that chart works just fine. If you run into that issue again, please try editing your current location and hitting save without changing anything and let me know how it goes. I realize this is not a proper fix but a workaround until I fix it.

Of course, if you have some way to reproduce this problem repeatedly please let me know so I can fix it ASAP. Thank you! :slight_smile: