Trying to add targets too an observing list - they arent appearing

Hi all,

I have been using Telescopius online since about 2020 to select candidate iimaging targets - but am reather new to the forums! I am trying to leverage Telescopius capabilities to select targets for my nightly imaging runs - and eventually import them into APT and SGP.

So a extremely basic issue - I am trying to save targets I want to image in Telescopius to an Observing list I created - called simply Astro Imaging.

I thought I had carefully added about 20 objects to the list and it said I had 20 objects in the list - but when I clicked ongo to the list - the list is empty! Does anyone have experiencing in making this work?

I am trying to set up a simple list then transfer it to APT and SGP:

NGC 1232 - 11pm
NGC 5247 - too low in West now
NGC 613 - 10pm
NGC 908 - 11pm
NGC 7793 - 8pm
M74 - Midnight
NGC 2997 - 6am
NGC 1365 - 11pm
NGC 1566 - Midnight
NGC 1672 - Midnight
NGC 1232 - 11pm * * *
NGC 5247 - too low in West
NGC 613 - 10pm
NGC 908 - 10:30pm
NGC 6300 - 6pm
NGC - 1512 - 1am - 2am
NGC - 4696 - too low in West
NGC 7424 - 6pm
NGC 157 - 9pm
NGC 2082 - 1am * * *
NGC 986 - 10pm
NGC 201 - 10pm

So as an example - looking at NGC 7424 and the Viewing list Astro Imaging - it says I have 20 items selected (image one below). I click on go to list to sort or review or export it and it simply says the list is empty (image two below).

My next question - if I can get these objects into a viewing list - is there a how to sort them (by say time they cross the Meridan and/or don’t consider an object as a target until they are say above 33 degrees Altitude for my location (Sydney Australia) and then I will try an import into APT and/or SGP and build imaging plans for them!

APologies - new users can only add one image per post - and you need the second one to see the error message when I click on my list with 20 elements supposedly in it?


A friend on the Australian Amateur Astronomy Website IceInSpace told me today he had the exact same issue a few weeks ago - came on with no reason and self corrected a few days later. Wierd is something up with your servers?

Hi @matthew, some users had this issue caused by a bogus upgrade. Could you please try clearing your browser cache for and try again? Let me know how it goes!