Two new features: quick 90* camera roration and 'Data sheet' visibility


I’d like to ask you to implement two hopefully easy features

  1. Camera rotation quick 90-degree rotation as [-90] and [+90] buttons. Presently I have to manipulate with the bar or type ‘90’ (or ‘0’) in the field every time I want to rotate the camera, while I work only with horizontal and vertical positions of the camera. I think even one [90] button would be acceptable because it’s easier to press it 3 times than klick in the field and type the ‘90’ (or ‘0’) value.

  2. I’m a big fan of the observing lists, which are useful if you have more OTAs and/or cameras than one. However, I cannot see the object’s ‘Data sheet’ when I select the object from the list. I can see it only when I type the object’s name in the ‘search’ field. I think it’s useful, i.e., I can estimate the total integration time needed based on the surface brightness.

Please, let me know if it’s a good idea.

Best regards,

Somehow I missed to reply this here, only did it privately :slight_smile:

The +90 deg button has been added, and the observing lists issue you mention has to do with the fact that targets were added through the Telescope Simulator, and coordinates may differ if only so slightly, so the target is not matched. I’ll try to fix this in a future upgrade.

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Thank you for the features, Sebastian. I love the Telescopius! :heart_eyes:

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