Unable to download CSV of list

When I attempt to download a CSV of a list, I get the following Javascript error in the dev console:

Hi @simpleton , thank you for your report.

I’ve just released the fix for this bug in version 231117.0112

Please let me know if it works for you, thank you!

It works! Thanks a lot!

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Hi Sebastian,

In my case, the Download → CSV doesn’t work at all. My Chrome doesn’t react when I click it. The option below works, whatever it is. I tried in an Incognito mode and also with the MS Edge browser - the same results. I have the newest version of the Telescopius: * 231223.0318.


Thank you guys for your reports. This was an issue for lists with custom targets. I have just fixed this in version 231223.1842. Please let me know how it goes, thank you!

Thank you, Sebastian, it works now. I have to learn, how to use it in the NINA. :slight_smile:


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