Various problems

Hi Sebastian, first of all thanks for your hard work improving the website! I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle before reporting a few bugs that I found.

  1. In the new image title, there’s a row of commas that appear by default. The problem is that they are added to the title and cannot be deleted.

  2. On individual images, the constellations are wrong in the Picture Geometry section. For example a picture of M31 is reported as being in Ursa Major.

  3. When viewing a large image gallery with several pages in someone’s profile, nothing happens when I try to view the next page of images.

  4. On Facebook, most of the Astronomy Quotes are coming out blank.

  5. When visiting Telescopius, I have to refresh the page to see any notifications. I use Google Chrome, which is not caching and doesn’t have this problem with any other websites.

I’m using the latest version of the website, version 240322.2104

Many thanks,

Clear Skies!

Tony (Taman).

Hi Taman,

All these issues are fixed in version 240324.1301. One caveat is that pagination in user galleries has a small defect setting the proper scroll position, which I’ll fix soon.

Regarding the notifications, please note there is a small delay until they are ready (it’s a deferred fetch). Could you please let me know if opening this menu works 3-5 seconds after the page loads?

Thank you!

Thanks Sebastian, all seems to be working including Facebook! I’m waiting on getting another notification to check if the deferred fetch is working, will advise when I find out.

Cs Tony.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Even if you don’t have new notifications, you should be able to open the notifications menu after 3-5 seconds. Is this not working for you?

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Sorry, I should have been more specific! The notification menu itself works fine, the problem is I don’t see new notifications unless the page is refreshed. I will try with a different browser in case it’s a caching problem and let you know.

Hi Sebastian, just to confirm that with both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers, new notifications do not appear unless the page is refreshed. I deliberately shut both browsers down before opening and visiting the website. If there is a caching problem, it’s probably not on the browser end. I’m still getting email notifications as normal. Hope it’s an easy fix!

CS, Tony.

I can confirm the bug. It should be now fixed in version 240326.2053. Thanks for your help, Taman!

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It’s working now, many thanks! Tony.

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Thanks for letting me know, and thank you for your patience and help!