Can't find cordinates / Stellaium

By clicking “Show in Stellarium” I receive the message: Can’t find coordinates! But my image in Telescopius does show this data. Does Telescopius not send this data to Stellarium ?

Thanks for answering,

What target are you having issues with? Or does this happen with all targets?

Hello Sebastian!

Sorry I’m a bit late.

Yes, it happens to all of my targets/images.

Thanks for looking into it!


Hi Hamal,

Upon revisiting this issue, I believe the problem might be what I described here: Cannot link to Stellarium - #3 by sebagr

What I said there 2 years ago applied to Safari, but now it seems we have this issue on Chrome as well.

Unless the Remote Control plugin in Stellarium is upgraded to accept HTTPS connections instead of or additionally, I’m afraid there’s not much I can do from here :frowning:

@Hamal I’ve found a workaround. You will need to enable insecure requests from to another hosts.

Here you have a page explaining how to do it for Chrome, Firefox and Edge. I hope this helps! If not, please attach 2 screenshots, one of the settings in Telescopius, and another one of the settings in the RemoteControl plugin in Stellarium. Thanks :slight_smile: