Filter Images by Date Captured

I’m still trying to identify the ‘Mystery Object’ from a previous post.

Can you help identify this ‘Mystery Object’?

I’ve been looking at many of the 397 images of the Helix Nebula taken by other members, and identified the same region in many of the images. But it would be really helpful to be able to filter the images by date taken, so I can examine them closely to see whether the Mystery Object is visible in any images taken at around the same time as the image I captured (12 September 2020).

Could you add this to the Filter function - to be able to search by Date Taken, in addition to being able to search by Object, Telescope, Lens and Camera ?

Many thanks,


Sure thing, that’s a great idea. I’ve just added this to the roadmap, I hope to be able to do it soon :slight_smile: