Seeking images taken in the vicinity of the Helix Nebula on 12/13 Sept 2020

I’m following up on a previous post about a ‘Mystery Object’ I photographed last year in the vicinity of the Helix Nebula.

Can you help identify this ‘Mystery Object’ ?

I’ve looked at many images already posted on Telescopius, but can’t find any including that area of the sky and taken on that night.

Does anyone have any images taken in the vicinity of the Helix Nebula (more specifically, including the region between UCAC4 342-198688 and UCAC4 343-206490) on 12/13 Sep 2020 ?

The quality of the image doesn’t matter - I’m looking for corroboration that the object appears on an image captured by someone else.

Many thanks,


Have you tried looking on the LCOGT Image Archive and selecting only for the images in the area tah interests you???

You could probably find a few thousand images to query at different dates and possibly find what you are looking for that way.